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Kupperlin Law is a multi-discipline law firm focused on the formation, growth and disposition of all types of business organizations.  We also offer our contracts expertise to individuals and organization as clients. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the business needs of our clients. Many of our attorneys have both JD and MBA degrees, and are experienced in both legal advisory services and business consulting. Our ability to immediately understand the business context surrounding the core legal issue saves enormous time for our clients.  Our projects are often completed in far less time, using less resources, than clients expect from a law firm. We operate in the US, UK and Middle East Countries.

At some point in time, most of us might feel the need of seeking legal advice. Whether it is for personal use or for the company, a timely legal advice is inevitable.  Some of the law firms offer a wide range of services and some operate in a niche market. With a surplus of choices available in the UAE, it becomes quite confusing on how to decide. Whether you are looking for a UAE law firm for personal matters or for your company, a proper research is important. You need to match your requirements to the services offered by the law firm.

Here are few factors to be considered before making the final call: –

  • Type of law firm: – Before considering any law firm first check whether the law firm has Advocates and Legal Consultants or just Legal Consultants. Legal consultants can only provide you with legal advice for litigations purposes you will need an Advocate with proper licenses. Depending on your need, whether you are an individual or a business you will have to choose the law firm.
    • Business: – Most of the corporate or business lawyers can handle basic formation needs like putting together a partnership agreement, drafting contracts, preparing documents for licenses etc. However, for more complex requirements like taxation, intellectual property laws, maritime laws, mergers and acquisitions you will need a well established law firm who can work as your partner and provide you with timely legal advice.
  • Individual: – When you start looking for legal counseling for you or your family then you are already aware what kind of lawyer you require. It’s always better to go for lawyers specialized in cases related to your specific requirement.
  • Presence in the market: – Prestige of the law firm in the market is one important thing to be considered. While making your research you must read the legal publications. You will find various news related to the law firm you are looking for, or else you can read the articles on legal advice provided by attorneys belonging to certain Law firms. Publications can be in print or online. Later you can look for more information on their website.
  • Representation in courts: – For appearing before the court of cassation, an Advocates need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in Court. Any law firm you are planning to choose must have a good number of attorneys who practice in UAE courts. Dubai Lawyers who is well-versed in the Arabic language is important as Arabic is the official language of courts. This would prevent misunderstanding and misinterpretation. The Law Firm assisting the business or corporate needs to have the appropriate license by the Government of Legal Affairs Department.
  • Years of experience: – Years of experience is something which we look foremost before hiring any law firm. And experience does matter when it comes having a thorough knowledge of UAE or any other country’s legal systems. It also defines the network and local connections within the legal systems and related offices.
  • Existing clientele: – It may interest more to the business than the individual, you must ask about the existing list of clients. If the law firm has a good number of clients who speak highly of the firm, then we can confidently choose the same.
  • Fixed fee or hourly fee: – The UAE law firms offer different modes of payments for the legal services they offer. Some charges hourly payment and some firms ask for advance payment for certain services. There are various firms which also offer first free consultation, which is an advantage as you get an insight into the law firm. For cases such as personal injury and accidental claims, certain Law firms offer free consultation till you win.
  • International association and memberships: – UAE is the hub of global trade and business. The law firms having lawyers who have judicial experience across the border is an added advantage.

After considering all the above factors one can call and visit the law firm personally to talk and get your queries and worries cleared. After that, you can make a comparison and make the right choice for yourself.